Mission Impossible: A Wifi Photo Frame that doesn't Suck

In my ongoing project to build a wifi photo frame that doesn't suck I got a new idea. Why not combine an ordinary memory card photo frame and a memory card with built in wifi? Then I could automatically upload photos to the card which would be displayed in the frame. I started to seach the web, but it was not easy to get relevant hits for all the wifi adapters with Compact Flash formfactor. Finally I found Eye-Fi.

But it turns out this product sucks too. Why does everyone keep bundling nice hardware with proprietary services? Just give me the hardware! This is what's wrong with all the wifi photo frames on the market too, not to mention the crap that is Windows Media Connect. We are living on the Internet now and don't want to be locked into a last century desktop system.

Why doesn't anyone understand that an open wifi photo frame would sell in bundles?

What can I contribute myself you ask? My current plan is to connect an eBox-2300 equipped with a CF card to a LCD monitor, install Linux and write a couple of scripts that display a slideshow in the framebuffer. A web frontend could be used to specify RSS feeds or just plain web folders to fetch images from. Why complicate things more?

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