Albumplayer - An MPD Web Client

I have written a simple web client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD). It is suitable to use on mobile devices, like my Android phone. It allows me to select artists from my music collection and play their music on my headless media frontend.

To do anything useful, Albumplayer requires an MPD instance. Install that first. Then, extract albumplayer.tgz where you want it located on your web server. Edit mpd.expect to connect to your MPD instance. (Change the IP address.) Albumplayer is written in bash, expect, grep, sed, awk, Python and PHP. Make sure you have them installed on your system before use.

I tried a couple of lightweight web clients before I wrote Albumplayer, but all seemed to require that I first defined playlists in MPD, which then could be played in the client. That is not how I want it to work. I want to select artists directly from the database and play their music in a straightforward manner.

Albumplayer is completely insecure. Don't run it on a public web server.

Update DB will not work in the general case, when it fails to finish before Expect terminates the connection. An opportunity for improvement.

Enjoy your music.


Anonymous said...

no content on the download site link!!

Marcus Andersson said...

Thanks, it should be fixed now.

Anonymous said...


Where can I find this?

Marcus Andersson said...

mpd.expect can be found in albumplayer.tgz. Download and extract it with:

tar zxvf albumplayer.tgz

Then you will have:


Anonymous said...

the link appears to be down...

Marcus Andersson said...

The link works for me. It must have been a short glitch somewhere.

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